"Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing"

(Arthur Schopenhauer)


Health is in your hands. We offer you options, how to improve it. We look forward to welcome you!

Relax & Massages


Shiatsu is beneficially relaxing, regenerating and healing procedure. This method of physical and energetic harmonization uses pressure of fingers, elbows, possibly knees or feet. Thanks to the press on various points alongside energetic ways, meridians, internal dysfunctions of organism are corrected, health is supported and individual difficulties are diminished, eliminated.

Shiatsu is preventive as well as treatment method. Energetic and physical blocks appear as a result of common daily fluctuations of mood, stress, mental disharmony. Keeping fluent flow of energy via periodic Shiatsu might effectively prevent disease.

Shiatsu may help us with various problems such as:

• Feeling of tiredness and energy insufficiency

• Back pain, joint, muscle tendon pain

• Digestion difficulties, problems with breathing and blood pressure

• Painful menstruation, irregular cycle

• Common cold, blocked nose

• Higher muscle tonus of sportsmen and dancers

• Mental stress

Shiatsu is great supportive measure:

• Improves circulation of energy

• Stimulates body self-healing processes

• Acts preventively against disease occurrence or worsening

• Function as sustain during emotional load

• It is appropriate psychological and physical supportive method in pregnancy

• It helps as psychological and physical support after demanding treatments


Hawaii Relax Massage

Exceptional unrepeatable experience, therapy from ancient hawaii islands. Numerous of astonishing techniques, long rythmical tractions, specific techniques by elbows, hands are used. Such movements ,that connect body parts are hardly present in any other type of massage.

Effect of Hawaii Massage:

• Harmonization and regeneration of organism

• Stimulation of blood and lymph circulation

• Diminishing of muscle pain, tiredness and tonus

• Liberation of joint junctions

• Reduction of weariness, irritability and distractibility

• Immunity improvement

• Hyperemia and warm up

• Helps detoxication



Cupping is one of the oldest method used in traditional Chinese medicine. It detoxifies organism and at the same time relax stiffened muscles of back, legs and shoulders. It greatly increases blood circulation at lower as well as at upper limbs. Cupping beneficially influences lymphatic and immune system. For example it has positive effects on issues that manifest as strong pain in motion apparatus. It cleans blood, improves blood circulation and thus positively influences heart action. Cupping helps with rheumatism, anemia, diminishes back pain, regenerate function of nervous system and helps with cellulitis.


Ayurvedic oil massage - Abhyanga

Abhyanga means applying massage oil on the body and it is ancient Ayurvedic therapy. Deep pressure is not used, thus massage is very relaxing and without pain. Intention is to perform massage in a way to help treatment substances in the oil being absorbed by body, by cells so treatment may reach and influence on the cell level. Abhyanga detoxifies. Experiencing it, you rejuvenate your body and mind. Savor blissful feelings of harmony during Ayurvedic massage with warm oils.


Relaxing massage using hot lava stones

It will get us into the leasureliness, peace of mind and body, into the feeling of light happiness, increased strenght and flexibility. Especially during cold days or when we feel cold internally. Maybe it is right time for you to consider this way of treatment when you have blocks in the neck, back vertebra, headache, tiredness, lost vitality, lethargy, nervosity and even some psychological problems.

Massage using hot lava stones is luxury delicious massage of all body including feet. It is done with warmed lava stones to warm up, initiate and speed up regeneration processes in organism. Procedure is delightful and specific by fact of putting intensive attention to warm all body in paralel with thorough massage of muscles. Stones are very well acting on issues with back muscles and spine, pain in the nape and headache. Massage with stones stimulates blood and lymfatic circulation, Lava stones have extraordinary strong natural energetic vibration.

Hot stones deeply warm problematic body parts leading body and mind into the overall relaxation.


Reflexology Foot Massage

After all day long duties, imagine tender and peaceful foot massage. Imagine state when your feet becoming lighter and lighter and slowly slowly you start to feel delightful warm penetrating all foot, tiredness and tension gradually shades away. Come to experience that feeling by getting this reflexology foot massage..

Pressure on reflex zones influences energy flow, relief tension, adjust blood circulation and encourages internal organs to work better. Reflexology activates self-healing capabilities of organism, it activates abilities to eliminate, dispose of toxins and its deposits stored due to stagnation/lower circulation. Method is appropriate as preventive as well as therapeutic.



Candles purify body and spirit, they relax as well as improve mood and attention. Toxins are "sucked" away from body by chimney effect. Candles naturally harmonize and adjust body energy. Candle package contains attentively picked mixture of body candles made from pure bee wax, 100% cotton cloth and plenty of active substances. Candles do not contain essential oils, they are handmade with love in Slovakia.

We offer:

• Body Candles for internal organs harmonization

• Body Candles for respiratory organs harmonization

• Candles for stimulation of sexual energy

• Candles for kidneys activation

• Chakras Body Candles

• For women

• Body Candles made from incense resin

• Body Candles Curcuma

• Body Candles Dragon blood

• Ear Candles


Tai Ki Kung

Practice for health and longevity

This method use static as well as slow, fluent movements of whole body with concentrated mind. It is possible to call it standing meditation or meditation in movement. It imptoves ability to sense and adapt to constant change within us and to that which surrounds us. Practice influence and modifies our structure gently and gradually, strenghten the way we stand on the ground in the physical, but also in the psychological sense. It improves our moving in daily life. It brings feeling of calm, silent joy and willingness to enjoy life. This practice comes from China and belongs to group of excercises that are spread in Europe in form of various styles and under many names such as Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Dao In etc. These are those slow movements known from chinese city parks and squares.


HATHA YOGA - individual and small group exercise (2-3 people)

GROUP EXCERSIZE - Yoga for the spine at Studio Treeshala, Robotnícka 9, Senec:

Thursdays 08:00 - 09:00 AM


In case group exercise not fits your schedule or not fits you for any other reasons or you prefer individualized approach that reflects your specific needs such as exercise addressing your concrete health issue, then try individual Yoga lesson.

Hatha Yoga for all, for sportsmen/sportswomen, for seniors

It harmonizes and purifies your body and mind, speeds up regeneration, sanifies whole body motion aparatus and increases flexibility of your spine. It relieves tension and stress, it offers guideline on how to cope with emotions, how to slow down internally in common daily life and how to be more aware of present moment. Exercise serves as good basis for beginners as well as for more advanced. It serves all regardless of age. Body postures and breathing bring health and refresh mind.

Strengthen Your Body

It is more dynamic way of excercise aimed to strengthen muscles of whole body. Exercise use techniques from Pilates, Yoga, Balance Exercises and Fitness to strengthen body parts and body core. This type of work out contributes to overweight loss and body forming very successfully. It may serve as pleasant way of starting a new day with increased circulation of body fluids and energies. We stretch all shorten muscle parts, liberate joints and strengthen deep muscle corset, which leads to improved natural body posture during daily life and therefore acts as prevention of backache – simply we do all you need to feel pleasantly and comfortably in your body.

Healthy Spine

Exercise aims to keep and improve your spine health– to correct body posture, eliminate back pain and strengthen back as well as abdominal muscles. This set of exercises for healthy back stretches and relaxes all body muscles, disperses lower back pain, neck pain, pains around shoulder-bone and improves body posture. It is aimed to stretch stiffened muscles of the back and to strengthen deep muscle corset. Apart from back muscles, we target our exercise to also strengthen abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles, buttocks muscles and to stretch back of thigh muscles. All these muscle groups are actively involved in keeping of body posture. Thanks to this way of exercise, your body will learn and accommodate correct posture and thus it will bring you feeling of reposing with no back pain all day long.

Price List

• Back massage (back, back of the neck):   30 min: 27 euros

• Aromatouch massage of the back/feet:   45 min: 30 euros

• Whole body oil massage:   60 min: 35 euros,   90 min: 50 euros

• Shiatsu:   60 min: 35 euros,   90 min: 50 euros

• Hawaii relaxation oil massage:   60 min: 35 euros,   90 min: 50 euros

• Ayurvedic Oil Massage Abhyanga:   60 min: 35 euros,   90 min: 50 euros

• Relaxing massage using hot lava stones:   60 min: 35 euros,   90 min: 50 euros

• Reflexology Foot Massage:  45 min: 20 euros

• Cupping:  20 min: 15 euros

• Cupping Massage:  25 min: 20 euros

• Body candle:  15 min: 5 euros

• Massage of the back and legs:  60 min: 35 euros

• Individual Yoga Lesson:  1 person - 15 euros per person

• Individual Yoga Lesson:  2 persons - 7,50 euros per person

• Individual Yoga Lesson:  3 persons - 5 euros per person

• 10 Massages Voucher:  1 massage for free

• Collaboration and usage of premises for workshops, educational activities, therapies - upon agreement




I've started with Yoga during my studies at the University and with smaller breaks I keep on practicing it. I have tried a variety of types and styles of Yoga. Yoga practice helped me through time of pregnancy and through various life situations and stages. After long years of individual experience I have decided to study Yoga at the European Yoga Academy and obtained qualification of Yoga Instructor.

Since I have many times experienced myself how perfect the combination of exercise and different relaxation massages is, it was natural for me to enthusiastically study and practice variety of massage techniques in parallel.


About me briefly

• Graduatedt from the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Comenius University

• Working in clinical research in Slovakia, Hungary and Czech

• Obtaining qualification Yoga Instructor

• Obtaining certification:

• Hawaii Lomi Lomi Massage

• Ayurvedic Massage Abhyanga

• Cupping

• Japanesse Massage Shiatsu

• Reflexology Foot Massage

• Hot Stone Massage


Mgr. Enikő Laczo Szakál

Studio Anax, Hollého 18, Senec 90301

Cell phone:0905 852 815 (custom schedule)